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SGL INC is a company that is engaged in the manufacturing Quality speciality chemicals , we offer a wide range of products that can be used to achieve desirable results. Our firm is growing under the guidance of Highly experienced & technically sound management. SGL INC is very aggressive having a far-sighted vision coupled with innovative approach this is enabling the company to successfully keep pace with the changing market scenarios.

SGL INC is located in Delhi , a capital of India which is surrounded by NCR region of textile processing –hubs development as an industry.

SGL INC is a company providing professional solution We are formulating a high quality of textile auxiliaries for multiple use.We have built our business by working with clients to ensure the solutions in textile process industries. We take customer’s requirement understanding the methodologies and propose innovative features for the enhancements that help customer to achieve their goals - while taking into commercial considerations & timeframe with high level support.

Our Focus on our customers for Excellent quality, Expert Advice , Competitive price & Reliable services. We have been helping customers to find the right chemicals for their needs. We are offering the customized order that helps us to produce products as per the specifications of our customers or the exact requirement of customers enabling us to give maximum customer satisfaction. We believe in transparency & keeping in mind a long terms business association with our customer.

Company Profile:

SGL INC having an innovative approach towards industry & business driven professional development firm.Our talented QC team work intelligently to solve and manage client’s needs. We serve to deliver cost effective formulations / solutions without compromising on quality. SGL INC produces innovative, high-performance products for companies in multiple industries including Dieing,printing,processing and so on. Using the latest formulation and technologies, we create the optimal, effective products for every client.

Our Commitment :

Best formulations and customer service is paramount. Satisfying the client is fundamental to our business and has been the leading factor in our growth. We make ourselves available at all time to our clients for assistance on all their related needs.We take pride in our on time delivery and ability to meet quick turn around requests while exceeding customer quality demands. Customer Satisfaction continues to be of utmost importance to SGL INC as it reflects in our motto also “SGL INC”"- Satisfying Customers..." as do Consistent quality, Constant innovation , enhancement , Process improvement and Customer orientation
Our Products
Desizing Agent
Acid Enzyme
Bio – Polishing
Peroxide Killer
Scouring & Wetting Agent
Washing Off Agentt
Sequesting Agent
Peroxide Stabilizer
Leveling Agent
Cationic Softener
Silicone softner
Optical Brightener
Anti Back Staining
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